About Us

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Supply Chain Nuggets is Africa’s number 1 supply chain publication, set up to help professionals, business owners, and curious minds across the explore supply chain management from Africa’s perspective.

It is true that the world is more interconnected than ever. That also means supply chain management has never been more critical or vital to the success of the world economy than it is today.

Supply chain nuggets seek to become a repository of knowledge on all things supply chain. This includes but is not limited to supply chain news, guidelines, and tips to help you get the best out of supply chain management on the continent.

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Our Vision

  • To help professionals and business owners across the continent navigate and run well-functioning supply chains.
  • We also aim to explore past and present supply chain feats and legends that have only helped develop supply chain management as we know it today.

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Our Goal

  • We aim to inspire supply chain professionals to think outside the box when making their supply chain more effective.
  • This blog is also a great platform to showcase your products, services, and achievements. All contributors are welcome as well.