AGL Opens Lobito Terminal, Boosting Angolan Trade and Infrastructure

Africa Global Logistics (AGL), a leader in African logistics and ports, has officially launched operations at its new subsidiary, the AGL Lobito Terminal, in Angola. The infrastructure is set to enhance trade, infrastructure, and economic prospects for Angola and her neighbouring countries.

The launch, presided over by Angola’s Minister of Transport Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu, is a major step forward in connecting businesses. And improving living standards across the region. The terminal boasts a 730-strong workforce and the capacity to handle over one million tons of bulk goods. And 100,000 TEU containers annually.

With a quay depth of 14 meters, the terminal can accommodate large cargo ships. This will facilitate the efficient movement of goods.

Strategic Location for Global Markets

Located at the Port of Lobito, Angola’s second-largest port hub. The AGL Lobito Terminal is strategic because it will be crucial in the global energy transition. As the “first Atlantic gateway to the Copperbelt region,” the terminal could significantly improve the transportation of critical minerals like copper and cobalt to international markets. 

Additionally, it will support the development of agricultural production and regional industrialization.

Improved Efficiency and Reduced Transit Times

The launch of the AGL Lobito Terminal comes with numerous benefits. One key advantage is reducing transit times to European and American markets. That will strengthen the overall efficiency of Africa’s logistics chain and significantly boost regional economies.

Partnership for Growth

The Angolan government sees this partnership with AGL as a positive step for socio-economic development. The port’s connection to the existing Benguela railway network and plans for a future railway line to Zambia are expected to significantly reduce cargo transportation times for businesses moving in and out of the port.

Commitment to Development

AGL expressed unwavering commitment to the long-term success of the Lobito Terminal. It has earmarked a €200 million investment plan to increase the terminal’s attractiveness and contribute to the region’s economic and social development. 

Furthermore, the partnership with the international shipping line MSC is another strategic move. And many expect it to enhance regional connectivity and support industries essential to the global economy. Particularly in the shift towards renewable energy sources.

The launch of the AGL Lobito Terminal marks a significant milestone for Angola and the broader African continent. This development can unlock economic growth and improve living standards across the region by improving infrastructure, facilitating trade, and reducing transportation times.