Jumia Nigeria appoints new CEO-Sunil Natraj

Jumia, a prominent player in the e-commerce sector, is undergoing significant leadership changes with the announcement of Sunil Natraj as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Nigeria.

Effective January 1st, 2024, Natraj will succeed Massimiliano Spalazzi, who has been an integral part of Jumia Group for 11 years and will step down by December 31st, 2023.

Francis Dufay, the CEO of Jumia Group, expressed gratitude to Spalazzi for his contributions and extended best wishes to the outgoing CEO. Dufay also welcomed and congratulated Sunil Natraj on his new role.

Sunil, who joined Jumia in 2022, previously served as the VP of Sales and Marketing and later assumed the position of CEO for Jumia Ghana.

His background includes over 11 years in Africa’s Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, working with brands such as GBFoods.

Speaking on his appointment, Sunil Natraj expressed enthusiasm about leading Jumia in Nigeria. And put a lot of emphasis on the company’s commitment to transforming Africa’s economy through e-commerce.

He highlighted priorities such as customer satisfaction, secure payments, and strong partnerships. With an IT engineering and MBA background from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Sunil’s contribution to Jumia’s success in one of its largest markets will be resounding.

What is Sunil Natraj’s strategy?

In a media parley held in Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, Sunil Natraj outlined Jumia’s strategic plans under his leadership. Again, he emphasized Jumia’s aspiration to be a Nigerian company, not just limited to Lagos. It was a signal of a commitment to broader national coverage.

The expansion plan includes targeting cities with populations exceeding 20,000 people. However, there will be specific consideration given to cities like Akure and Ilorin. Jumia aims to build an extensive network covering the entirety of Nigeria.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by Jumia, which include a reduction in workforce and adjustments to advertising budgets. Dufay reiterated the company’s focus on high-impact strategies. Sunil Natraj echoed the commitment to overcoming challenges and achieving greater milestones with a dedicated team.

As Sunil Natraj takes the helm in Nigeria, his leadership expects to steer Jumia toward further growth and market penetration. Hopefully, it will solidify the company’s impact on e-commerce in the region.

The expansion plans underscore Jumia’s determination to reach more cities and enhance its presence in Nigeria’s dynamic e-commerce landscape.