Kuehne+Nagel to operate IDA’s Healthcare Hub in Dubai

Kuehne+Nagel to Spearhead IDA’s Healthcare Hub in Dubai. How will this imapct the regional and global health logistics?

In an effort to bolster IDA’s healthcare logistics in the Middle East and Africa, the logistics giant Kuehne+Nagel was chosen as the preferred partner to operate the new hub located in Dubai. IDA Foundation, an independent organization headquartered in Amsterdam, is a global foundation, providing medicines and medical goods to healthcare organizations in over 130 countries.

The new hub will operate out of the Kuehne+Nagel facility in Dubai South. And it will function as a centralized kitting and global health logistics centre for IDA’s African and Middle East operations.

Impressively, over 60% of the existing warehousing facility is GxP-compliant. Kuehne+Nagel also prides itself with a dedicated focus on handling delicate and temperature-sensitive healthcare products.

Kuehne+Nagel’s role in the UAE will encompass comprehensive support for the IDA Foundation. The company will cover product handling, temperature-controlled storage, aggregation, local and international distribution. To ensure compliance with strict regulations and risk mitigation, the partnership will include the deployment of a dedicated pharmacist.

The collaboration kicked off at the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony in the facility. In attendance were respected guests from local and international organizations.

Notable attendees included representatives from The International Humanitarian City Dubai South and the World Health Organization. Their presence highlights the significance of this alliance in promoting healthcare logistics in the UAE.

What does the Kuehne+Nagel and IDA’s collaboration mean for healthcare logistics?

Wendy Eggen, CEO of IDA Foundation, commented on the strategic importance of expanding their regional hub in the UAE. It will position them to provide a swift and reliable supply of health goods to those in need.  And the focus will be on Africa and the Middle East.

She emphasized that the decision to choose Kuehne+Nagel was based on a number of proven factors. These included trust in their reliability, best-in-class warehousing services, commitment to sustainability, and a comprehensive range of supplementary services facilitating an agile response.

This partnership is not the first between both parties. The Dubai collaboration marks an extension of a decade-long cooperation between Kuehne+Nagel and IDA Foundation. One of IDA’s notable and long-term collaborations is with the Kuehne+Nagel Emergency and Relief Logistics in Copenhagen.

Lee I’Ons, President of the Middle East and Africa operations at Kuehne+Nagel underscored the shared vision of providing every patient with healthcare products promptly and in optimal condition. The alliance will not only deliver healthcare solutions. But will also emphasize the practice of sustainable logistics.

I’Ons highlighted the fundamental role played by Kuehne+Nagel’s expertise in handling healthcare products. He also commented on its persistent reliability and the exemplary dedication of its teams in achieving this success.

As Kuehne+Nagel continues to play a pivotal role in global healthcare logistics, this collaboration stands as a testament to the shared commitment to ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of healthcare products to those who need them most, while promoting sustainability in the logistics industry.