MSC and Tanzania partnership delivers 30 transformers

It’s no secret that one of Africa’s supply chain weaknesses is the poor supply of necessary infrastructure, especially where roads and energy resources are concerned. Well, that is beginning to change for countries like Tanzania with strategic logistics partnerships like that of MSC. The partnership has seen the successful arrival of 30 transformers to the Julius Nyerere Hydro Electric Power Plant project.

Shipped by MSC from Mundra Port, India, the transformers will revolutionize the energy sector in Tanzania. This project is situated in Stiegler’s Gorge along the Rufiji River. And it aims to generate 2,115 MW of electricity and provide water capacity for 17 million families. MSC’s involvement highlights its commitment to fueling growth in Tanzania’s energy industry.

The transformers have a combined weight of 750 tonnes and are rated at 175MV and 220/132/11KV – 3PH. They definitely can play the necessary or pivotal role in Tanzania’s mission to develop five hydropower plant projects.

Upon the completion of the project, these transformers will significantly increase the transmission voltage from 14 kV to 400 kV. These will significantly boost the Nation’s energy capacity to 2,100 MW with an annual production of 5.9 GWh.


What do the transformers delivered by MSC mean for Tanzania’s energy sector and supply chain industry?

Noel Quiambao, Managing Director of MSC Tanzania, expressed confidence in the company’s contribution to Tanzania’s energy sector. In his remarks, he cited the recent shipment as a testament to the commitment to fostering sustainability and growth.

Paskal Madede, Sales Manager at MSC Tanzania, explained the potential within Tanzania’s energy sector. However, a lot of emphasis was on its contribution to the nation’s economic advancement.

Handling such crucial equipment requires specialized shipping services. And MSC’s logistics expertise has been crucial in ensuring the safe transportation of transformers.

Anna Chambiri, Import Manager at MSC Tanzania, highlighted the importance of safety protocols, specialized container solutions, and cutting-edge transportation technologies in safeguarding these components.

The Tanzania project addresses chronic power challenges in one of Africa’s most powerful economies. It will aim to combat electricity shortages and drive industrialization through hydropower plant projects.

Businesses, especially those in the manufacturing and supply chain sector, can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s no secret energy resources are telling on most African supply chains.

MSC’s involvement underlines the critical role of logistics in the success of such ventures. As always, logistics is the train that leads the African economy.

When you consider the complexities and challenges involved in transporting heavy and fragile components to remote power plants in Africa, there is no doubt that much credence goes to MSC.

As MSC actively supports Tanzania’s transition to green energy and industrialization, the company emphasises collaborative efforts addressing the challenges of sustainable industrialization in Africa. This initiative aligns with Tanzania’s commitment to sustainable industrialization and the transition to renewable energy sources, marking an inspiring national development narrative.