Printcare picks ALP’s logistics park for its East African operations

Printcare picks ALP’s west logistics park in Limiru, Kenya, as the site for its manufacturing and packaging operations.

Printcare Packaging East Africa Ltd is set to establish its manufacturing and packing plant at Africa Logistics Properties (ALP) West Logistics Park. The move comes amid the poor supply of executive warehouses on the continent. And will help Printcare operate at its desired level.

Set to commence operations in April 2024, the facility adheres to Printcare’s stringent EU compliance standards.

Choosing ALP’s West Logistics Park for its operations was a no-brainer for the company. After much evaluation and a comprehensive search, ALP checked all the boxes for Printcare. This included adherence to health and safety regulations, environmental sustainability, and the provision of a secure working environment.

All of these are essential to Printcare and will make running their global operations seamless.

Prashantha Dias, Director at Printcare Packaging East Africa Ltd, highlighted the strategic selection of ALP’s West Logistics Park for its location and ALP’s commitment to international quality construction. This decision will empower Printcare to establish a cutting-edge facility in Kenya, ensuring efficient operations while meeting the highest international benchmarks.

What does ALP’s and Printcare partnership mean for the industry?

This collaboration marks a landmark partnership for both companies. Printcare can now leverage ALP’s Grade A warehouse facilities to enhance operational capabilities in the East African market. ALP’s dedication to facilitating infrastructures with global standards will play a role in the growing economy within the region.

The demand for top-tier warehouses in Africa currently surpasses the supply. A trend outlined in Knight Frank’s quarterly report, The Africa Industrial Market Dashboards. However, in Kenya, purpose-built facilities maintain an 80% occupancy rate. This helps cover gaps across the continent, including a 300,000m2 shortfall in Nigeria.

Richard Hough, CEO at ALP, expressed pride in the park being chosen by Printcare, a globally recognized company. He believes this underscores the quality and strategic advantages offered.

ALP will continue to invest in enhancing its facilities and services. It is true that the partnership is great, but continuously investing in creating facilities with international standards will properly position it at the forefront of the logistics and warehousing industry.

The ALP West Logistics development comprises 100,000m2 of Grade A warehousing space on 49 acres of zoned and serviced land.

However, it is the company’s commitment to sustainability, technology integration, and client satisfaction that has made it a preferred destination for companies such as Printcare.

As international companies increasingly make their entry into the region through ALP’s facilities, the park remains dedicated to surpassing compliance criteria and ensuring partners operate at the highest international standards.