Top Nine Supply Chain Management Consulting Firms in Africa

Effective supply chain management is the heartbeat of any thriving economy. With the continent being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world today, it makes leveraging supply chain management consulting firms in Africa to unlock its full potential essential. The same applies to your business.


In a continent known for its vast resources and untapped market opportunities, supply chain consulting firms are changing the game and helping supply chains succeed.



These firms provide critical expertise and innovative solutions to harness Africa’s economic potential. From optimizing transportation routes to streamlining inventory management. They are well-equipped to address Africa’s specific issues and possibilities due to their thorough awareness of local markets, regulatory frameworks, and cultural subtleties.


The Top 9 Supply chain consulting firms



KPMG is a multinational professional services organization that offers audit, tax, and advisory services. With a strong presence in Africa, KPMG provides comprehensive consulting solutions adapted to the specific needs of African businesses. 

Their experience includes financial services, energy, telecommunications, supply chain, and other industries. Through innovative techniques, KPMG aids customers in optimizing operations, managing risk, and generating growth.




PwC is a global accounting and consulting organization with a significant African presence. Their services include audit, tax, and consultancy solutions, emphasizing adding value and improving business performance. 

PwC’s teams of experts work together to tackle the unique difficulties that African organizations face. They offer their clients industry-specific insights, technological solutions, and strategic guidance to help them compete in an ever-changing environment. They also enable these firms optimize their supply chain management.




Deloitte is recognized globally as a professional services organization providing audit, tax, consulting, and advisory services throughout Africa. This firm combines extensive industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to provide customers with innovative business solutions. 

Their comprehensive services include strategy consulting, financial counselling, digital transformation, risk management, and other related services. Deloitte’s experience assists organizations in meeting their growth targets and staying ahead of the competition through their supply chain.



Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Boston consulting group is a renowned management consulting firm that assists organizations in solving their most critical challenges. With a strong presence in Africa, BCG offers strategic advice and data-driven insights to help clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Their services span various sectors, including consumer goods, technology, healthcare, and the public sector. BCG’s collaborative approach and deep industry expertise enable businesses to drive innovation, optimize operations, unlock growth opportunities, and improve their supply chain management.




Ernst & Young (EY) is a professional services firm with a lot of international presence, including quite a bit in Africa. EY offers various services, including assurance, tax, consulting, and advisory services. 

Their experienced staff combines strong industry knowledge with technical competence to assist clients in addressing challenging business challenges. EY’s services support firms in attaining their strategic goals by covering digital transformation, risk management, sustainability, and regulatory compliance.



Bain & Company

In Africa, Bain & Company is a multinational management consulting organization. They collaborate with clients to address their business difficulties and achieve long-term results. The firm specializes in strategy, performance improvement, mergers & acquisitions, and organizational change.

B & C specialize in strategy, performance improvement, supply chain management, mergers & acquisitions, and organizational change.



Kaizen Consults Ltd

Kaizen Consults Ltd is a corporate process improvement and performance management consulting firm. While Kaizen Consults may have a different size or global influence than some larger consulting businesses, they focus on the African market. 

They work in several African countries, supporting firms in improving operational efficiency, applying lean methods, supply chain management, and driving continuous improvement.

Because Kaizen Consults Ltd is a tiny consulting organization, the precise nations in which it operates in Africa may vary. 


McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a well-known management consulting firm with a global African presence. They collaborate closely with clients to address strategic and operational challenges, accelerating corporate growth and transformation. 

They provide energy, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, supply chain, and government services.




Accenture is a global professional services corporation that offers consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. The company has a strong presence in Africa and helps clients to navigate digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation. 

Accenture works with clients in various industries, including banking, telecommunications, consumer goods, healthcare, and government.




Examining variables such as industry expertise, track record, and cultural awareness is critical when selecting the right supply chain management consulting firms in Africa. Each firm has its own set of skills and areas of specialization, so it is critical to pick one that matches your company’s goals and needs.

You may unlock their full potential in Africa by working with the proper supply chain consulting business, improving operational efficiency, lowering costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Whether you want to expand into Africa or take advantage of the continent’s tremendous growth, these consulting businesses’ experience and innovative solutions will be critical to your success.

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